Lubricant Dosing Systems

Granulated Lubricant Dosing System



Power spray

POWER SPRAY Granuale Dosing System is very simple to set up and runs on only compressed air. It requires a 24 volt pulse to operate. This unit operates very consistently, has an exceptionally long life and requires little to no maintenance.



Lubricating Spray Guns





LUBRO SPRAY GUN are the hand spray guns that people are always asking about. They work equally well with a pressure tank or without. These guns are low cost, easy to set up and operate, and will last a long time.




Oil Dosing System


LUBRO ER a special synthetic oilPOWER SPRAY OIL

oil dosing

POWER SPRAY OIL is a traditional plunger lubrication system that is oil based.

Oil is maintained under pressure inside the tank. A special LUBRO Jet nozzle nebulizes the oil to insure perfect lubrication of the tip.

LUBRO ER, a special synthetic oil, is recommended for this system. 

POWER SPRAY OIL can works with viscosities from 46°to 680°cst.

POWER SPRAY OIL can also be used for other applications, but not where solvent products are involved.

Packaging includes:

(1) 25 liter tank

(1) 2 meter long pipe

(1) LUBRO JET nozzle


Spraying Nozzles




LUBROCHEM presents a series of newly developed nozzles: LUBRO SPRAY NOZZLES

These nozzles have been designed for use with the Lubro Spray Guns.

Some of the main benefits:
High power spray
No maintenance or cleaning
Special design specially designed
Manufactured in stainless steel 304
Greater resistance to pressure (20 bars)
greater range than conventional nozzles
Value for money
Standard 1/8 "
3 different designs:
FM 1 AL -venture nozzle to direct flow
FM 2 AL -full cone nozzle 30 °
FM 3 AL -fan nozzle 30 °




Mixing Equipment





LUBRO MIX is a dosing unit for water-soluble release agents in aluminum die casting.

The simplicity of operation and the absence of electronics make LUBRO MIX a very reliable system with little to no maintenance.


System requirments:

-Electric power 220V

-Water at min. 3 bars

-Pressured air (for pneumatic pump)

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