Die Clamps


View Product Literature Advance 6-inch, heat-treated die clamps are rated at or above 135,000 psi tensile strength. Advance 4-inch die clamps are rated at or above 85,000 psi tensile strength.die-clamp-300


  • Closed slot design. The clamp can’t slip off bolt and forces the bolt to be in only one place closest to the die for maximum holding power.
  • Straight-line parallel clamping. Puts pressure where it is needed.
  • Accessory T-bolts, washers, and flanged nuts. Forged and machined from superior grade steel.
  • Easy identification and height rise are cast into back of clamp for easy reordering.

Instructions for Proper Use of Advance Die Clamps

  • Select clamp for proper die clamping slot rise.
  • Locate die clamp so that the maximum clamping surface is in the die-clamping slot.
  • Locate the T-bolt as close to the die as possible.
  • Torque the bolts tight.

DO NOT over-tighten the die!

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