Shot Sleeves


shotsleeves-300These proven shot sleeves are tough and long-lasting, made by the leader in shot sleeve manufacturing for more than 50 years.

Proper design and tight manufacturing standards assure you the highest quality at competitive prices.

Ask operators who know their die casting machines inside and out and they will tell you that not all shot sleeves and shot end products are created equally.

Many manufacturers use antiquated equipment and inferior metal. The result is a shot sleeve that wears out before its time.

shot-end-considerations-150Advance uses only the finest H13 steel. The metal is cut, bored, and honed on computerized equipment by craftsmen with years of experience. We've been serving the die casting industry for more than 50 years.

Customer side-by-side comparisons have proven the Advance sleeve lasts longer than our competitors' sleeves.

Don't buy sleeves on price alone because, as this brochure shows, not all shot sleeves are created equally.

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