Plunger Rods




Our plunger rods are:

  • Properly designed for maximum strength
  • Properly designed for maximum water cooling. Large capacity water inlet line—no starving of water
  • Properly designed for an internal shot sleeve and plunger lubrication system

Blank plunger rod blueprints are available—see your Advance salesperson.

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Proper Cooling Is a Must


  • Coolant enters and exits at 1/4” ports (in-line is standard), then it flows the length of the rod through a 3/8” tube—large enough so you’ll always get sufficient coolant flow. Any smaller could starve the plunger tip.
  • End of tube is extra long and slanted so coolant always enters tip.
  • Advance Plunger Tips (sold separately) have a custom coolant. Even wall thickness means even cooling all around and consistent wall strength.
  • A high-temperature resistant O-ring seal fits snugly between rod and tip. No coolant can leak into sleeve or die—prevents thermo-shock and possible explosions.
  • Snug fit between tip and rod is vital. The threads on Advance rods and tips are ring-gauged for a precise fit. Standard 1-1/4”-12 thread size means better availability and lower prices for Advance rods and tips.
  • Brass plug screws in tight to seal in coolant.
  • Have your rod gun-drilled. The Advance system puts a precise amount of lube where it belongs—behind the tip and below the centerline. So you can consistently get an even coating of lube, the length of the sleeve and the tip and the straight-through, gun-drilled hole is easier to clean.
  • Contact between tip and sleeve is greater at their bottom. We spray the lubricant there so your plunger tip will always hydroplane over a thin layer of lube. You get adequate lube coverage over sleeve and tip surfaces as well. Your tips and sleeves will last longer and work better.

Sleeve and tip lubrication is a must

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