Die Casting Consumable-Advance Products

Die Casting Consumables


Shot Sleeves

AdWear Shot Sleeves—the industry's toughest, longest lasting; die caster-proven sleeves.

AdWear Coating

Advance's proprietary AdWear coating can add 30% to 50% more shot sleeve life.

Reconditioned Shot Sleeves

Save money by reconditioning your shot sleeves.

Plunger Rods

Designed for internal shot sleeve and plunger lubrication systems; designed for maximum strength and water cooling.

Plunger Tips

Made from H13 steel, with optional heat treating and nitriding if required.

Die Clamps

6-inch, heat-treated die clamps are rated at or above 135,000 psi tensile strength. Advance 4-inch die clamps are rated at or above 85,000 psi tensile strength.

T-Bolts and Nuts

Essential for your die clamp applications.

Ladle Cups

Direct Mount—Pin-mounting design means no tools or adapters needed.


One coat of refractory saturated white glass and two coats of refractory saturated, tight-weave fiberglass over 11/16" tubing with silicon carbide tips.

Hand Spray Gun

Balanced feel and easy grip for maximum operator comfort.

Slap Stick

Slap Stick is a high-temperature lubricant that can be applied directly to solder buildup and galling in permanent and die casting molds.

High Temp Oil (TCU)

Advance's high-temperature oil (HTF-700) is a synthetic fluid designed for very high temperatures (up to 700° F).

Purge Cleaner

Remove spent oil has from your die temperature control unit.

Safety Signs

Die casting machine safety signs with metal backing meets 2004 safety requirements.