The Mini-Max Reclaimer


On-Line Die Lube Reclaiming System

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Tests have shown that only half of the spray die lube ever reaches the die itself. This wasted die lube, instead of doing its intended job, settles onto the base of the die-casting machine where it mixes with the accumulated grease, spit metal, flash, and other contaminants.


The Advance Products Mini-Max Reclaiming System is designed to collect, filter, and store liquid over-spray used in the die casting process and
recycle it back into the system for reuse.

The Advance Products Mini-Max Reclaiming System is an efficient and unique recycling unit that collects virtually all of the sprayed die lube, filters out the impuities, and pumps it back into the lube system for use. 

The Mini-Max tank acts as an oil separation device designed to seperate the die lube from other machine fluids that would otherwise contiminate it.
These machine fluids can include:

- Die heating/cooling oil
- Toggle linkage grease
- Hydraulic oil

The reservoir tank contains a separation chamber that is filled with thousands of polypropylene media that attracts oils and combine smaller droplets with larger ones which enhances coalescence.

Whenever the die casting machine‚Äôs spraying device is turned off a bypass valve diverts the liquid from the lube output port and back to the holding tank. The pump continues to slowly circulate and filter the liquid through the system until it is needed. The bypass valve opening is set at the factory to cycle the pump every 10 or 15 seconds, but you can readjust the valve if the length or size of your lube supply line requires it.


The Advance Products Mini-Max Reclaiming System is designed for safe, reliable service. Its clean, efficient operation, along with its compact size continues to demonstrate why, for over 65-years, our reputation is something of which we are very proud of. 

If you want to increase die lube life, save up to 40% of your die lube costs, reduce disposal costs, reduce frustrating down time due to clogged spray heads, and premature equipment wear, it makes sense to purchase the Advance Mini-Max Reclaiming System.