12 Reasons to Choose Advance Ladlers



12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Advance Servo Ladlers

  • 99+% pour size repeatability. 100% full digital servo control with feedback, which means more reliable, better positioning to .020".
  • Direct drive for better accuracy and longer life. The motor is directly coupled to the gearbox and the arm is directly bolted to the gearbox.
  • Anti-drip dual movement. Developed by Advance. Speed and positions individually programmable.
  • Anti-dunk probe system. Developed by Advance. Hardware and software backup probe system. Probes last for years.
  • Fuller features. Complete cable sets with disconnects on both ends, redundant safety switches.
  • Better warranty. One year or 500,000 cycles (total mechanism and control).
  • Lower cost to maintain. Under $300 per year (total mechanism and control), no proprietary electronics.
  • 3D solid modeling layouts. Strong engineering, manuals, and service support - without question.
  • Ladle cups that last. Heavy-duty cast iron - Advance's ladler can take the weight. Not a high replacement welded stainless steel cup that quickly wears out.
  • Alphanumeric program storage for 500 different parts.
  • Total system design to use only 30% to 50% of the equipment's capability - even at maximum speed and full metal capacity.
  • Better overall value.
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